Culturally Evolved and Legally Accepted Indescent Exposure

There’s a picture online of a female sexual abuse victim walking around in short, shorts, protesting her horrific experience. A somewhat feminist-minded woman would possibly chime-in saying WELL, then you must be the type of male chauvinist who believes women are to blame for being sexually assaulted. NO, not to blame but victims of our sexual culture that contributes to the actions of sexual predators! Yes this is argued and has been for many years but it would certainly seem logical to an intelligent thinking person in my opinion. Another part of my response to the male chauvinist accusation (this might also anger some people) would be that women will consent to relations with men during a moment of passion and immediately feel gilt and regret it afterward (NOT TRUE in all cases). This may be headed-off with the claim that it was non-consensual.

Women for the most-part cannot stand for it to even be known that they-too have a sex drive – in some cases exceeding that of the average man. Regardless of this fact it is my belief that the majority of rape claims filed, do genuinely occur and perpetrators should be recognized as lifetime sexual predators for victimizing a woman or women-plural, or in some cases, boys. The latter listed victimizing has been perpetrated by female school teachers, who in some cases send indecent pics of their selves to their VICTIMS! For women who are victims but do not dress in indecently-exposed manners, how do the women who do practice this type of deviance help such victims? Perpetrators can be sexually-charged (still not an excuse) by women who display their selves as a walking soft pornography display.

I am a Christian man with enough struggles of my own to be pure of eyes and heart (“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – Matthew 5:28). What I don’t need is such a large percent of young and older women, walking in every direction I look, such as at a discount department store, indecently dressed. With God as my witness, I look away in the vast majority of cases but I am also human and fail to do so at times. They wear the tightest possible tops, many worn to accentuate the upper body, including special-made braziers and shorts that are nearly as revealing as a bikini or that are as accentuating as one. In some cases attire is worn to show a woman’s midriff and more (top of hips, bellybutton and lower ribcage).

Most men of course don’t complain but we who truly love our wives and the Lord Jesus Christ, perceive this as a type of sexual harassment (it certainly qualifies as that in the workplace). A feminist might laugh at such a statement; in fact some women in general might  laugh, simply because it’s very seldom stated. It is a type of sexual deviance by females however, although it is taboo to point out this TRUTH. They experience a type of satisfaction by the public sexual exhibitionism they engage in. Isn’t it deviant for women wanting to attract men and seeking to have them sexually aroused which is tantamount to soft porn? OF COURSE many people in general will also laugh at these statements but this is further proof that desensitization has slowly crept into our culture regarding women taunting men with near-nudity – what used to be called “being a tease”.

Then again there are true victims who are indeed not consenting or indecently dressed but are being forced/violated by sexual abusers. The allowable dress code for young and older women however does contribute to these incidences and I don’t care if the highest supreme court justice on earth says otherwise; some men who are sexually-charged by this indecent exposure by women, are acting out. Even in the early 1950s women could not legally wear these styles and would be placed in jail for doing so)! With this said, which sex has fought endlessly for literally centuries to wear clothing with more and more bodily exposure? It was women, beginning with the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the 1800’s (19th century). This and ongoing feminist movements were about voting rights and claims such as men not doing their share of housework while he held full time or overtime work at an occupation along with homestead land upkeep (the latter complaint displays an obvious imbalance).

In these early days we can laugh at the swimsuits shown in old pictures which women demanded to wear in the 1800s and early 1900’s but as things evolved in a deviant direction, we have today the 21st century “wedge-bottom bikini” (yes, it is what it sounds like). Why do women place priority on wearing the sexiest possible clothing, makeup, shoes, painted toenails and fingernails, etc…? It is because it empowers them and gives them opportunity to feel strength in making men feel uncomfortable for various reasons. Men resent women for constantly teasing them with provocative clothing. What can put a large dent in this agenda by women, is the fact that truly beautiful women outwardly are rare. But when you see the purposefully-hired female news anchors for example, being mostly eye-catchingly beautiful and news clips of beaches were mostly bodies made for swimsuits go, this respectfully misrepresents how attractive the average woman is.

Some women young and old are beautiful, some have medium attractiveness and others are homely but have many qualities otherwise. These facts dispel the myth a bit further, that women are all supposed to be of the beautiful body type. As a side-note, the ancient sculptor’s, commemorated the male form as much, if not possibly more than they did the female form. One myth developed and perpetrated by females is the “fairer sex” cliché taken too far. I personally believe it to be true, considering that the fairness ranges, just as good looks do with men. Fine specimens of men also wear revealing clothing and as a 100% heterosexual man, I don’t agree with this either (e.g. Speedos and shirtless).

They do indeed turn the heads of women but men seemingly do less indecent exposure of dress than do women. Is sexual exhibitionism not a crime when looked at honestly? Yes, but the population has become so desensitized to the improper/inappropriateness of it, largely because men are stimulated more easily by sexual exposure of women but not too far ahead in how women are also attracted to highly attractive men. The world has sexual deviance hang ups and as the saying goes “enough said” but in this case “way more than enough said” (with complete honesty on this writer’s part).  JML


From My Book on Dangers of Sexual Deviance

depressed man{Following is an excerpt from my book regarding porn addiction, sexual exhibitionism and other forms of sexual deviance.}
I do not in any way excuse the deviant behaviors that are discussed in this book (published on Amazon), because they are obviously highly-immoral both spiritually and in the eyes of the law and rightfully judged as punishable offenses. I too have been guilty in some areas that are addressed but God ministered his deliverance to me. I feel that individuals who are guilty of them but who are sincerely reaching out for deliverance, redemption and healing, should have these very things ministered to them, if they have genuinely opened their hearts, minds and bodies to the counseling of forgiveness and healing. Only God can bring the supernatural deliverance that is sometimes needed but fellow Christians can be the avenues through which he can help the affected individual to sustain that healing and to receive ongoing support as it is needed. While some descriptions of the individual’s experiences within this book, will be given a degree of detail, in most cases, they will not be graphically-described and offensive language will be avoided whenever possible.
The subject-matter of “masturbation”, being a main aspect of the content, will be referred-to with other wording, such as “self-copulation”, so that the same word will not be used repeatedly, to the point of repetitiveness experienced by the reader, respectfully. This is not being done due to my thinking the term is dirty or improper but due to it being potentially tiring to see same-words of this type used over and again, can be tiresome to readers It is my sincere hope for those who do read the contents of this book by personal choice, that they will find it to be written within proper balance and with potentially important lessons to be learned, including things that can potentially affect the psychological-sexual development of children, especially those who may be suffering from emotional imbalances, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. What do I hope to gain the reader an understanding of by covering this subject? Well, I hope to convey the fact that people who suffer anxiety disorders, especially those that manifest with obsessive-compulsive aspects, are at a higher risk for developing associated sexual perversions, than are emotionally healthier individuals.
I also hope to show through covering this subject, that parents should closely monitor the activities of their children and to ask them frequently about what is happening in their lives and with their emotions. My personal belief is that early support for children who are found to be developing anxiety disorders, can potentially head off any harmful forms of escapism from their emotional imbalances that they may be tempted to indulge in sexually or otherwise. The increase in evil activities in the world, is becoming more evident with each passing day. The main character we see involved in evil that exists in the world, is Satan. He not only exercises his own influence upon mankind to commit all manner of evil against fellow mankind but his cohorts, consisting of other fallen angels, aid him in this wicked purpose (Ephesians Chapt. 6) . How can any rationally-thinking person not recognize evil for what it really is? It isn’t simply “undesirable social behavior” but it has a very obvious spiritual aspect/component to it.
If one was to name an ultimate evil act taking place in the world, “murder” would likely be at the top of the list. This would include killing others for selfish or ridiculous reasons. The murder of innocence and the undeserving (100% of murder is wrong), often leads to an escalation of killing, or what we refer to as “wars” (most wars become unavoidable). There are so many other injustices that fellow men and women perpetrate upon one another. The list is virtually endless, this includes things such as rape, child molestation, theft, adultery that leads to broken marriages and injured children, self-destructive practices (i.e. alcoholism and drug abuse), etc… . Mankind has an evil nature (Romans 3:10), however, he is also influenced by another spiritual evil we call “the Devil” and “Satan”. In actuality these are ‘names of summation’ because Satan actually has millions of demons, devils and evil spirits (among other names for them) that aid him in his influence on mankind. Deliverance only comes from knowing Jesus Christ in a personal way – as Lord and Savior, so that salvation/redemption occurs in the lives of men and women, who can then let that “new nature” (2 Corinthians 5:17), develop within them, including the “Fruits of The Holy Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23).

A Major Way Satan Destroys Christian Testimonies and Spirituality

{NOTE: This article is not to imply that sexual sin is the ONLY way Satan brings down Christians spiritually, via their physical beings. Many other types of satanic oppression that is yielded-to [“servitude” – Romans 6:16], can as well.} In my book titled: “Interviews with a Former Porn Addicted Sexual Exhibitionist”, I state that some statistics reveal “70% of Christian men being affected by pornography”. I state on another page in the book that some statistics reveal that about “50% of Christian men develop porn addictions”. While this might seem like a contradiction — also keeping in mind that statistics regarding any number of things can widely-vary, the difference may come down to what defines “dabbling in porn” on occasion and being “fully addicted” to it. Both are very dangerous positions for a Christian man or woman to place their selves in (dabbling often becomes addiction over time).
I believe that physical ailments I am now experiencing in my 50s, are in part, caused by my own problems with periods of addiction to porn and lust during my lifetime. Where do I get this idea from, keeping in mind that God always forgives sin that is sincerely confessed (1 John 1:9 )? I recognize the truth of this, not only from God’s own leading in my heart but also from this scripture passage, which is straightforward and cannot have multiple possible meanings: “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” (1 Corinthians 6:18). I will only add that I would rather see God’s scourging and chastising in my natural life (Hebrews 12:6), than to be judged for willful sin after I leave this life The main point to be understood is that pornography affects more people today (Christian or otherwise), than at any other time in world history. The World Wide Web is a major reason for this and as I have often said, “our online capability can be both a blessing and a curse”. You can’t call it wholly a curse because the entire cannon of The Holy Bible is online in practically every translation, as are great ministries.
There are also millions of pages of pornography on the web as well. This is why adult content screening programs can be very important when needed. I have always openly taken a look at areas of sin that hinder and even destroy the relationships men and women have with God, their spouses and their children. This subject is seemingly avoided, likely due to it being one of embarrassment, however, it is likely the most prominent sin-stronghold Satan uses against people to cause broken fellowship or even broken relationship with God and family. Much of the relating to me of experiences men have had in their struggles with sexual addictions, was confessed to me (simply as an ear to hear) during my years as a Christian Youth Minister and when I was a teacher to young married adults, in churches that appointed me to these positions. Most men who related their experiences to me, were not under my teaching ministry but they knew I was a Christian and some also knew I was/am a Bible teacher. Sexual sin-oppression, instigated by Satan against Christians is a very real and prominent problem (satanic stronghold).
“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them” (Ephesians 5:11 – NASB)

Effects of Negative Male Stereotypes on Sincere Husbands and Fathers

The below link, plays a short audio that has some subject matter similar to this article.

Within my actual audiobook The Societal Evolution of Male Stereotypes narrated by Phil Williams, you hear about – among other things, the ‘bashing of men’ that has continued in America for decades. Certainly there are men who deserve negative recognition for their harassment of women and their chauvinistic behaviors. However, do all men deserve to be placed into these categories? Obviously not. There are men who are respectful of women and who respectfully and admirably fulfill their roles as fathers and husbands and who set positive role model examples for male youths. I also believe the movement of wanting everyone to basically be “gender blind”, if allowed to grow, will literally be detrimental to our society over time. The major venue/media from which negative traits are harped on and used with great repetitiveness, are males represented on entertainment films. This includes TV shows, movies and commercials that use the dopey-dunce type male as a source of comedic entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with this on an occasional basis, the case has been for many years that the clumsy, inconsiderate, ill-informed male characterization, is used so repetitively so as to ‘ad nauseam’.
Both men and women have very important roles to fulfill, in order to keep our society reasonably respectful. No one can be perfect but a reasonable degree of respectful, sexual role modeling, can give us hope that our future generations will follow suit and exhibit traits of parents, husbands and wives that can be respected. To repeat my earlier statement in a slightly different light; you could properly say that there is “a remnant” of people who have maintained respectful, proper gender roles. With hopes that I will not sound overly-biased as a Christian man, these are often (not always) people of Christian Faith. We live in a nation (the USA) that is very important on the world seen for many reasons and the rest of the world is watching us. I have a comedic book out on this subject 5 Steps to Becoming a Chick Magnet Overnight! in which my pen name character “Percyvelle Pennington III” advises men on how to become “chick magnets”. This book is actually directing comedy at negative male stereotypes, rather than perpetuating them. The advice is so ludicrous that no sane person would believe it to be real advice. Even the description-page and book cover, clearly describe a short comedy work (it is clean and not extreme). I don’t regret publishing the book because I can point directly at it as an example of the concerns that my serious book on male stereotypes expresses. I do not believe comedy in this area should be totally erased in our present world but the overkill/overabundance and extremism of it should be quelled a considerable bit.
My serious book on the subject book, in my opinion is an example of keeping this type of comedy within proper confines rather than taking it too far. Will the entertainment world continue to attempt making a perpetual joke of men and women or will we be parents who instill respect for others and the importance of this life for future generations? The latter-mentioned negative alternative would be to continue making a joke of the very institutions that help to make our nation the example of gender role modeling that it should be. There also continues to be an overemphasis regarding male sex offenders, when comparing them to female perpetrators. Certainly the ratio of male to female offenders is significantly higher for males however, our society has become overly-protective of females regarding this very difficult subject and statistics have been skewed due to male victims being reluctant to come forward . To quote a couple of sentences from New York Times journalist – Julia Hislop’s article titled: Female Sex Offenders Are Often Overlooked, she states: “Females have committed sex offenses against infants, children, teenagers and adults, using varying degrees of coercion and violence. Grandmothers have committed sex offenses, as have prepubescent girls.” The above paragraph is only one subject I cover within my book and yes, I personally believe that Biblical New Testament guidelines play a major factor regarding male and female gender roles, as I also discuss within the book. The scripture that follows is not in the book but others are quoted that offer Christian directives on the subject.
“So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church, because we are members of His body. FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND SHALL BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH. This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church. Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself, and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband.” (Ephesians 5:28-33 NKJV)