My Debate with an Atheist Evolutionist

In this article, I’m showing replies I made to an atheist – a man I have known for many years, who posted an article saying that the Theory of Evolution was so-proven, that no reasonable person can argue against it. He also did not believe me when I said there were two theories regarding the creation of the universe (or appearance of it as they would state it). He challenged me to post scientific articles on these and I did. One of the theories states that the universe was compacted into a dot-sized space and exploded into the ever-expanding universe. The other theory is the one about gases and dust appearing on a horizon that came from nothing and these swirled around at incredible speeds, shooting off stars, planets and galaxies. The atheist I was corresponding with was displaying great intelligence but in most part by word-smithing his claims with words used by actual accredited scientists and that he had pulled off the internet.

{Please note that he posted large blocks of information between my posts, which are made into one article below – I did not have permission to post his.}. Questions he asked were strange in nature such as “Why do men have nipples?”, which I’m not sure which side of the debate the question was meant to prop up. I do call science an “almighty” thing and scientists as this man’s prophets via sarcasm. I do however see strong merit and significance in what scientists do in large part, so I AM NOT a science-hater! I enjoy science even when it covers things I disagree with, when done tastefully rather than offensively. So, without further explanation, the responses I made, compiled together will now follow. – – –

Evolution is not one theory, it is MANY theories. The big bang theory for example, has many views by the almighty scientists. Some say everything in the universe was at one-time all contained within an imploded space (for lack of better term), the size of a pinhead and it suddenly exploded, creating the universe. Others say gases and dust appeared on the horizon (what horizon? And, what dust and gases?), This theory says these suddenly-appearing elements began to spin at extreme speed and branched off into planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc…. Have your science heroes whom “no one can seriously dispute”, come up with a theory of how life began (Don’t point out scientists creating life in labs- it must be from NOTHING)? BTW: What is NOTHING? And, how can the universe be eternal and have no end to it when it’s ridiculous according to the science gods, to say this about God – a Supreme Being?

Thanks for making it “really, really easy” (his words) because with all the intelligent words you pulled off the internet, we creationist people need simplicity. I’m not even going to discuss in detail about men having nipples as you pointed out but how about “They’d look funny without them”? I told you already that I’m through with arguing about evolutionary theories. I will post links to info you can read and maybe pull more super-intelligent sounding words from. I will add this; I believe you know how to parrot information you read online but your understanding of their theoretical information is far more limited than you attempt to sound like it is. I mean, I just found out in your earlier post that you are a self-acclaimed scientist who helped prove these theories into inarguably true facts. Where was I when you traveled to these Universities and Science Groups?

Anyway, here are some of those theories, that like Darwin’s, have been disagreed upon for extended periods of time (no they have not been dismissed – look in the “References” section some of the articles have). No, I’m not running (you are) but I just hate wasting time on the unanswerable – it’s tiring and useless. My accepted answer is “In the beginning…God.” Here are 6 of those variants of evolutionary theories you asked for (links were given for each but he spun them into the word-smithing universe). There are many more scientific disagreements than I have given you (my words to the Atheist) – some relating to the “fossil record” but look them up yourself which should be easy for a scientific expert.

You want evolution to be indisputable so badly that you go to great lengths to remain a believer in it (I know “belief” has nothing to do with it according to evolutionary philosophy-a misnomer). You said, “so we don’t know what the condition on the earth was like, so what?” It’s not the conditions on the earth only, unless one of the many, many theories says all things began from the earth. The question was “Where did the earth itself come from, and where did the universe come from?” So, you’ve never seen these two theories described above, after 10 years of study? I’m not going to give you even more opportunity to blaspheme God the Creator of the earth and universe.

You said in many parts of your post that “we” proved this and “we” proved that. You equate yourself with accredited scientists, like you helped them prove their theories and facts? It’s getting scary and yes Science is your god and yes scientists are your prophets. You are falling for some of the biggest lies that have ever been perpetrated. At the same time, there is of course a great amount of truth in science. Cutting God out PUPOSEFULLY is where they went terribly wrong. AND No, – no live stream debate will help even a dot’s worth. it’s useless, goes full circle and always becomes a stalemate. In short you cannot prove to me that God is not the Creator of all things and I cannot prove to you my stance, that He is. Discussion over.
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After reading this article, the man I debated on the  – Evolution versus Creationism subject asked if I would place this link to his portion of the debate posts.