Fellow Christians Attacking when You Defend Bible Faith History

end times summationFellow Christians I have a story to tell:  A man of God (not related to me) placed disagreeing posts on the heels of posts I made of recent on a social media site, regarding the protection of Protestantism. This being the reformation movement led by French – John Calvin and German – Martin Luther beginning in the early 1500s. For reasons I suspect but am not absolutely sure of, the man on the media site, berated France, comparing its warring to the peaceful Protestant revivals in Britain/England. He apparently felt its in-country civil war in the late 1700s was barbaric and yet America was having a revolutionary war of its own to break free of Britain at the same time period in the late 1700s. I diplomatically replied to what he apparently misunderstood and he unfriended me. I WAS NOT going to unfriend him and I love him in Christ as a brother. I will post only my answers to him below. This IS NOT to berate the man. No name is used –  it is for example purposes; not only to show how misunderstanding occurs but also how arguments between fellow Christians arise over trivial things (this time “dates” – World History events that happened 100s of years apart). I posted these replies, shown following as an imperfect man, the best I possibly could. {NOTE: From 19,000 to 40,000 died in the civil war within France (late 1700s). Approximately 11,000,000 died during the Protestant Reformation, led by a French and a German leader beginning in the early 1500s – events that were 275 years apart.}
My 1st Reply: “If I may, the Reign of Terror in France was a revolutionary war from the late 1700s, much like America had with Britain in 1775 – 1783. It was within the country itself regarding France. The founders of New England America, wanted to establish their own separate land-mass country rather than Britain taking it over, to make it British territory. The Protestant wars involving France and several other countries including Protestant Germany, occurred much earlier in year- 1517 and ended tentatively in Approx. 1648 (after a war called “The 30 years’ War”). If Roman rule, had been allowed to continue over most of Europe, which included the religious and political Papacy, there very likely would not have been “revivals happening with Charles and John Wesley and George Whitefield in England”.
My 2nd Reply: I wanted to see what your reaction would be (I actually knew what it would be). You have just repeated much of what I already said, I just didn’t use the details you went and searched-out before posting yours. Why did I want to see your reaction? Because you often post on the heels of other minister’s teachings, simply for the sake of disagreeing (too many times to be coincidence). My major with Liberty University was Archeology of the New Testament – no point in saying that but like you pointing out your minor in History, I mention it anyway (?). I’ve had suspicions of who would post a disagreement and my Minister Brother-in-Law was right in regard to your wanting to argue – for the sake of argument. Great Britain was governed by the Roman Empire, from 43 to 410 AD and was actually called Roman-Britain (Roman Ruler-ship 367 years). Possibly you are Catholic and if so, I’m sorry if I insulted your sensibilities in that area but I will teach what I believe God has called me to teach.
My 3rd Reply: Regardless of cause, the Revolutionary War was the new-founded America’s “revolt” against many things of England but foremost because they – England would not take “no” as an answer from the “New England” states and they wanted America to be their territory. Go into more of the ins and outs if you like but I am through with this thread. It attempts to highjack the purpose of my posts on how Protestantism was preserved literally worldwide. Your first post about “While France was having a Revolutionary war, England was having Revival” (my paraphrase), is a somewhat fragmented statement. The first point about the French which really doesn’t go with your other thought and followed by points about your Gospel heroes (mine too) was definitely a timing I could see coming from my posts about the French Huguenots and German Lutherans. I was raised Baptist but enjoyed membership in Pentecostal churches as well due to my job as a younger man, taking my family to areas where only one or the other was available. There is far less difference between them than most people realize. But….some people love to argue.
On the very same day that I made the preceding replies to the man, I had a neat, blessed thing happen that same night. To repeat what I wrote above; I posted some replies I made to a man who posted to me about “when the French were having civil wars, England was experiencing Gospel revival” (my paraphrase). A lady we’ve known here in our town for only a few months was walking and came toward my wife and me as we sat on our front porch. She stopped and we somehow began talking about church denominationalism (I did not begin this subject). She was raised Baptist as I was but she is now attending a full-Gospel church (Pentecostal church if you will). She still loves her Baptist roots as I do.
At one point she said “if it weren’t for the Frenchman John Calvin and the German man Martin Luther, we would not have freedom to worship as Protestants but America would be under Roman rule today.” She also said that people confuse the French revolution with the Protestant movement that involved the French and she ended with telling me about her history studies background and about the large library of history materials she owns (DVD sets, etc…). I told her that she just stated to me what I stated to a man online, almost verbatim and I was totally amazed. She then said “God has just sent you a confirmation.”
There are those who will think this is an exaggeration/sensationalism but it is not. The Lord is my witness to this and my wife Jan was present and she confirmed online that I did not embellish anything. Lastly, I wrote a 5,940 word book, several weeks before any of this incident occurred, so the man who told me I am writing/speaking on things I don’t know about may also find the book. It took me many months of study to even write the booklet at the 5,940 word length for The National Huguenot Society. (NOTE: Since first writing this article, I expanded the short book to nearly 14,000 words. HEAR MY SERMON AUDIO, regarding more on this subject, here: http://jmlchristianpublishing.sermon.net/main/main/21010149



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