Logical Reasoning about Life having Meaning and Purpose

In years past, I received many comments on articles I published online (when I wrote for several content sites), on the subject of evolutionary theory VS creationism. The aspect of recognizing meaning and purpose in things that exist was often claimed to be philosophical or strictly religious. It is therefore also claimed at times to be non-scientific and that it should not be entered into discussion in regard to the existence of all living things. The claimed reason: “Purpose and meaning are not in the realm of science”. Are you sure about that; those of you who believe that type of statement? Who decided on that as a hard-rule that mankind must adhere-to if he is to study and learn science?
An evolutionist might respond by saying “It cannot be entered into scientific study or theory because it cannot be proven though testing and observation methods”. Last time I heard, there was no video camera running to catch, the proposed “big bang” event that is proposed by evolutionists to have started the existence of all things but this has not stopped scientists from referring to it often (very often for some). This would point to a selective type of exclusivism for aspects of explaining life’s origin. Many scientists simply prefer not to recognize intelligent design and claim that it is “non-scientific”. In my opinion, this is actually being used as a tool of avoidance for whatever reason(s). Especially with the fact that most scientists are all about intelligence (do they not see their own misnomer?). This is the very reason most scientists enter the scientific field — so that they can claim that the only realities that exist are those observed and decided upon by men. This is also why many scientists are atheists.
Notice I used “existence” in my last paragraph. I will just add that existence is a reality to scientists but which one can tell us what existence really is; maybe Richard Dawkins? I could place a simple explanation on the question; that which is actually as far as any man can go in attempting to explain existence. It would be this: “Existence is anything that lives and traverses the earth and the things that can be experienced by living things through their physical senses”. Sounds good huh? The problem is however, that the major question of “how did life begin?”- (In reference to ‘things that live and traverse the earth’ not being answered.) It’s okay for scientists to have several guesses/theories on how life began but by golly a person of religious faith better not do so because….It’s not scientific! Is it really not provable that life has meaning, purpose and design or is it actually self-evident (doesn’t need proving)?
In my opinion, to deny these aspects of life is to deny what is blatantly obvious. To say it needs scientific proof to back it up in-reality is simply a means used by those who want to avoid these aspects and their not having to discuss them. For what motives they want discussion in regard to life’s meaning and purpose left out when studying life-subjects, whether from a scientific view or otherwise is anyone’s guess but in some cases it comes from resentment for anything that it appears man cannot explain with intellect-alone. These aspects cause frustration to some who want to look at things from strictly a scientific viewpoint and in some cases it causes them outright disgust, when these extremely obvious aspects are entered into scientific discussion. How dare you bring-up these improvable, philosophical views about meaning or purpose for life?! These questions should only be viewed from religious standpoints! (Some would say.)
Well… How about: – People naturally wonder about meaning and purpose because they are living life!?… How’s that for starters? How about: – People can look at the vastness and awe-inspiring variety of life on the planet and the incredible expanse of the universe and these questions as to why it all came about- logically and naturally enter their minds? How about: – People see how incredibly complex the design is in each living thing that exists and in the corresponding atmosphere, food-provision, water, planet rotation, changes of seasons for life-perpetuation, proper sunlight (even supplying us with converted vitamin D), regulation of the oceans tides, etc… and believers in creationism naturally see chance-occurrences as simply being impossible for explaining it? What about: – The logical recognition for all of the beautiful varieties of fruit hanging from trees, vines and plants that is incased in a protective skin, delicious-tasting, life-sustaining and nutritious? Did evolution provide that for us and other living things? If so, how did it or whatever moderates it, know how to cause the living things and the food sources to adapt together in perfect unison (and with a tantalizing effect I might add)?
If food sources did this on their own, why would they offer their selves as a source to animals? We can also see that cotton for example, grows from plants and each cotton fiber (stronger than steel at the same thickness) is perfect when made into thread and fabrics, for manufacturing clothing and that otherwise has no other obvious purpose. As the population grew and there was more demand for increased travel abilities (for another example), “Eureka!” oil reserves were tapped-into so that fuel for more sophisticated travel could occur. Not only that but mankind now space-travels and has explored the moon in person! A wrong thing to do when one questions the purpose and meaning of life!? No, not wrong but an obvious and logical thing to do.


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