Death from Medical Errors a Huge Growing Problem

In this video: – produced by my wife and I, we talk about the very serious problem of deadly medical errors. We have given our extremely important message with anonymity for everyone with exception of ourselves. It is absolutely true regardless of this fact. Many people within our own relatively small circle of friends, have had negative medical experiences and all reputable medical information websites state that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. This an is alarming statistic and some of the medical groups studying the causes of medical errors, which includes a major consideration called “doctor burn out”, also state that the overall problem is getting worse.

While we should have empathy for doctors that are overworked, overbooked and burnt-out, we cannot slight the damaging and sometimes fatal results of it. Patients who have become ill and are simply wanting doctors who have the compassion to want to see them well. This,  rather than being sloughed-off, ridiculed, resented and in worse health conditions than they had previous to seeing doctors of the type just described. There certainly are good doctors and great doctors out there but patients must be proactive in observing any signs that a doctor is a burned out one. This is where “second opinions” come in and simply “switching doctors”, both of which happen every day in our country. So, a patient must be proactive in making sure their doctor is hearing their concerns and questions. The National Institutes of Health ran a radio commercial not long ago and that may actually still be aired today. It states that “Patients should express their needs in detail to their health providers because in their words “If the patient is not communicating their needs, their doctor will clam-up.”

Some doctors actually despise hearing patients make suggestions because they don’t have their level of intelligence. Others however, want  to hear everything a patient desires to express but when doctor visits have a goal of being timed at 8-Minutes (true of some doctor’s offices), this is a goal much harder to achieve. With this in mind, patients must be proactive as stated previously but if they believe in prayer, they should also engage in it and ask God to remove any hindrances or confusion. Even with these things being done, they must always be willing to search for better doctors and second opinions on diagnoses.


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