Thyroid Hormones and the Tests that Monitor Them – Book Title

This article is a book description of a resource I have written on thyroid disease and the role of hormones.

This book sub-titled: “Hormonal Functions, Imbalances and Treatments”, is 9500-plus words regarding thyroid hormones that can become imbalanced due to a variety if disease processes (usually autoimmune) or from a failure of the endocrine system (the other glands that help regulate the thyroid).  The metabolism of the body is regulated by thyroid hormones. These include the T-4, T-3, Reverse T-3 and TSH (the last one being a pituitary hormone that regulates the thyroid).

The levels of these hormones are tested to determine thyroid function and to detect hormone disorders but some of them continue to be retested at regular intervals, to monitor thyroid hormone replacement therapy as well. By doing this, a thyroid specialist or endocrinologist can adjust a person’s levels of these essential hormones in the body to help patients become as well as possible. In some cases, thyroidectomy becomes necessary (gland removal) or a subtotal/partial removal of the gland. In other cases a gland may simply have nodule(s) (small tumorous growths) removed, which are in the majority of cases, benign.

Thyroid patients who are better educated in regard to these hormones have better ability to be proactive in their treatments and communicate with their doctors so that they receive the best possible results from their hormone replacement therapies.

This book  is not intended to be an extensive manual but is intended to contain information most often sought by laypersons on the subject and provides a good basic educational resource on the subject of thyroid hormones and their functions.


Chapter One: The Purpose of Thyroid Function Hormones

Chapter Two: The Best Blood Tests of Thyroid Function

Chapter Three: Interpreting Your Blood Lab Results

Chapter Four: TSH for Monitoring Thyroid Hormone Therapy

Chapter Five: Newly Diagnosed/Treated Patients

Chapter Six: Differences between Diagnostic and Treatment TSH

Chapter Seven: Thyroid Supplements Vs Thyroid Hormones

Chapter Eight: T-4 versus Combination T-4 and T-3 Hormone Medication

Chapter Nine: Symptoms of Thyroid Hormone Imbalance


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