Lengthy but Unnecessary Dissertations by Fearful Atheists

Often you find Atheists posting articles online about how misinformed believers in God were in Old Testament times and how misinformed New Testament Christians are. They point out things such as Christians or Old Testament believers in God, mistakenly believing that the world was flat. As a Christian believer in God I will even add to this argument by saying that believers from both time periods believed in many things that were not correct. However, the Holy Bible says in many scriptures that God did not always give explanations but His Word is rather “revelation knowledge”. Why did God allow his people to lack understanding in so many things? Could it be that He desired for man to seek answers; not only the extremely important spiritual ones but also those that he could learn increasingly through scientific and common sense methods?
The Holy Scriptures are an account of God’s ongoing dealings with man’s sin-nature; a term that is of course ridiculed by Atheists, even in the face of a horrible increase of bad attitudes across the board in the world. You can add adulteries that lead to murders, theft of other’s properties that in many cases sends men to prison. You additionally have the even farther-reaching results of sin, to include war, child molestation, rape of young women – on up to the elderly. However, Atheists often result in saying the pointing-out of these things is a “stick man argument”; a phrase they use to ad nauseam.
This pointing out of how ignorant mankind was/is, includes fields of science that it was literally impossible for man to understand in the earliest and earlier years of mankind’s domain/dispensation (yes Biblical terms Christians believe in). Can you imagine people 5,000 years ago saying to one another “Let’s build a very large telescope, so we can really know what’s going on in the universe.”? Daniel stated in his Old Testament book: “But you, Daniel, keep these words secret, and seal the book until the end times. Many will travel everywhere, and knowledge will grow.” (Daniel 12:4 GWT). Would this not reveal that God had a timing for scientific knowledge to grow increasingly with passing generations? Christians have a very difficult time seeing all things working in unison because a force of evolution is moving it forward. This implies reasoning and planning behind evolution, by those who don’t even realize they are saying this with every argument they attack belief in God with. You can do it in a calm voice and a convincing tone but this still does not make any of these arguments true against belief in God.
What is the “fearful” aspect I added in my title of this article, toward Atheists? What it is meant to point out is that they have a gnawing, a deep down fear that tells them it is wrong to try converting others to Atheism (very much a religion) because they don’t want to be alone if they find that God really will be judging them. Here’s another spot where Atheists will use the “stick man argument” term and say; “This is the technique of Christianity, to scare and frighten people, including little precious children, into becoming Christians.” Let me just add this statement, to that counter-argument: How real is child rape and war that kills many 1,000s of innocent people in their homelands or how about bombs that can wipe out millions of people with the simple entry of codes and button pushing? “Well”, an Atheist might say, this is simply “unacceptable social behavior – a flaw in evolutionary progression”. Why then is it all tied-into what can logically be called “evil” (yes, a term evolutionists say is philosophical and improvable in a scientific testing or lab setting).
How can evil possibly be denied or how can good be possibly denied (e.g. supporting the poor, helping orphans, handicapped/disabled and widowed people)? As far as age of earth and universe findings go that Atheists believe prove ‘theories of evolution’ (stated in plural because evolution is not one theory but a variety of them and many are in conflict), many Christians believe God has used the earth for other purposes that may go back eons of ages. The belief goes back to Targums (early Old Testament concordances/paraphrases). Do Christians even now know a great deal past “Jesus Christ and Him crucified to redeem men from the sin-nature John 3:16)? No. I’ll end with a verse from the Holy Bible that sums up this point: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12 – KJV).


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