Being Refused Doctor Treatment for Illegitimate Illegal Reasons

Readers of this article will need to read my immediately preceding one titled: “My Horrific Experiences with Certain Medicare Doctors”. The reason being that this one is directly related to the other. Each will give better understanding to the other.
This one is a response I made to a doctor who, on the same day of only my second appointment with him, dismissed me as a patient by written letter. According to HIPAA and possibly COBRA laws, doctors are never supposed to refuse an established patient unless for highly legitimate reasons. This doctor’s reason was due to my refuting his suggestion that there was nothing wrong with my lungs, when 5 years of consecutive testing shows very clearly that there is something to worry about, including symptoms. Hypochondria is attempting to be implied as the problem but when you read what my Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) are saying in the main body of this article below, this is a slough-off diagnosis (he supposedly reviewed all of these tests). It is one that spares a doctor in question, further investigation for “cause”. Please read-on to understand what I mean by this. {Note: I have had doctors diagnose COPD and sometimes Restrictive Lung Disease – the latter being the correct one but finding “cause” can mean the difference between me living longer or dying younger.}
My Reply After Dismissal by the Doctor:

Dear Doctor,
You were anxious to send out the dismissal letter dated April 12th, 2017 (very same day as my 2nd office visit with you), with my next ‘appointment’ not being until December 2017. Your very first sentence (my wife being present) was “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” The letter you sent to dismiss me, reveals to me that you are offended at patient feedback, especially if it is stated passionately. Yes I did get somewhat forward with you after your remark saying “there’s nothing really wrong” but you have to understand I have been given this same runaround regarding my lung illness for 5 years. Let a legally appointed doctor see my tests and see what answer you get from them. No one, but no one among Medicare MDs knows what it is. However, upon my calling The National Jewish Hospital and speaking to an NP on the phone twice, she said it was a rapid decline according to my ongoing PFT testing.
Her other advice to me was that a pulmonologist needed to find out what “the cause” was, instead of my being told “you have very minimal obstruction” (with 20 points drop in FEV1 and FVC separately and worsening symptoms). I’ve been told this minimal obstruction brush-off at each and every visit with doctors like you; board certified as pulmonologists. I’ve had at least 6 points drop in my FEV1 and FVC at every 6 month office visit and little to no response for it with bronchodilator use in an office test setting.
While I realize you don’t like patients seeking knowledge online, my sources are always the top in the world – The National Institutes of Health, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, National Jewish Hospital, Medscape,, Merk Manual and WebMD. These sites have articles stating that restrictive lung disease presents exactly as mine does. The FVC/FEV1 ratio will be normal or even above normal but separately they’re low. I have gone to 3 different Doctors (I have statements showing this), who I actually asked if I could get bronchoscopy but all three backed out, not having the time. My regular Dr. knows about these. He also knows that I went to a cardiologist who would not perform echocardiogram (a follow up one after 3 years – the previous showing several problems), and, even with my appointment being set up for it which was confirmed a second time before the appointment. The reason? Again it was due to time constraints in my strongly-held opinion. He didn’t even listen to my heart with a stethoscope, just as you didn’t listen to my lungs with yours on my 2nd visit (several months apart from the 1st visit with you) – my wife was with me for both.

The true problem? Dr.s want smooth visits with patients and even though the NIH has a radio spot stating “Talk to the Dr. you’re seeing or they will clam up” (exact words). The AARP magazine I receive says “Do not accept ‘it’s just aging’ or other sluff-off snap diagnoses, when you know you have something that needs further attention”. This leads me to my final point. The NIH and other reputable sources state that the “Doctor Burnout” problem is severely bad. If you do a search on the subject, you’ll see there are endless pages on this. One problem is that some doctors entered their profession with true intentions of abiding by their oath and because they literally do have compassion (like my Primary Care Physician). Others entered the profession simply as a career move. …Which of these are you? Have you come to resent patients? Last of all, I have too many ailments/diseases (tests confirm this), that cause me daily suffering, to let the scariest one be sluffed-off – “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters” (American Lung Association).
My wife and I (married 34 years as of 2017), have family like everyone else, including 2 grown kids – the oldest, age 32, my son who has given me a granddaughter (now age 11) and my age-27 daughter who is a coordinator at an office in OKC for people with substance abuse and domestic abuse problems. She has a Masters but plans to get her Doctorate and PhD. This type information of a human life should wake up any doctor but if burnout is severe enough they will even detest this. Your very first words to us at the 2nd and last visit (again, my wife was there) were “I don’t think you have anything to worry about”. This is why I knew that very moment that you would not be my legitimate 2nd opinion pulmonologist. There is no need to transfer any records; your office never generated any and I have copies of all my past pulmonary records.

Cordially James Lowrance


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