My Books and Audiobooks on Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigue womanIn these books I include important details regarding Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Written by me, a fellow sufferer who experiences this stress syndrome after prolonged periods of stress (chronic) or from sudden, severe stress episodes (traumatic). I, the author have also found treatments and lifestyle change methods that have been tremendously effective in relieving my symptoms. In year-2003, I began developing autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), plus I was going through a prolonged, severe period of stress. I began to experience this very real syndrome which results in diminished adrenal function at a subclinical level – not full blown hypoadrenalism (Addison’s disease), which is very severe and that can be life threatening as well. I was attended by doctors who diagnosed my subclinical adrenal dysfunction, through testing which revealed that the low functioning adrenal syndrome was co-morbid (co-occurring) to my Hashimoto’s thyroid disease.
Since Adrenal Fatigue is a sub-clinical condition and not full blown adrenal failure, many doctors will not recognize it as a legitimate illness and therefore not treat the syndrome. However highly reputable medical research studies have been published that describe subclinical adrenal dysfunction that is associated with certain illnesses and stress syndromes. Some of the diseases and syndromes that may result in Adrenal Fatigue, or that may include it as a comorbid feature of them, include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FMS), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases of all types. The majority of people suffering from Adrenal Fatigue began experiencing the adrenal dysfunction due to chronic stress rather than it being due to other co-morbid health conditions. Some sufferers refer to the symptoms of mild adrenal hypo functioning as feeling like they are “stressed out” most of the time. There is hope for recovery and some patients will see full recovery and future prevention of the illness from re-occurring. The importance however, is becoming well-educated about this often debilitating health disorder, this will help sufferers see the best results from treatment and the recovery of a better life quality.
These books/audiobooks contain realistic warnings in regard to cortisol treatments for Adrenal Fatigue (cortical-steroids) but they ARE NOT “anti-cortisol” in regard to the possible options for treatment. What I actually state is the fact that non-steroidal treatment is preferred and should be attempted first, due to the potentially serious side-effects corticosteroids can cause in people who do not have Addison’s disease, which is full blown adrenal dysfunction. I also state in these books that if cortical dosing is administered, there needs to be a qualified physician supervising the hormone replacement therapy, and who can perform follow-up blood retests to monitor the progress of the treatment. Adrenal Fatigue in a Nutshell; People suffering adrenal fatigue, are tested many times for levels of cortical/cortisol and are found to have very low-normal levels and even clinically low levels. They do however, pass the ACTH Stimulation test, the one most often used to detect severe adrenal diseases and this test rules out true adrenal insufficiency. To believe a patient needs no treatment because it is not full blown adrenal hypo-function, is in my opinion a disservice to these patients, who suffer very real symptoms from this adrenal fatigue syndrome.
What treatments help patients with adrenal fatigue? The more basic treatments are those the patient can do with some effort involving their own lifestyle. Getting more rest and sleep can be tremendously helpful, cutting back and even eliminating stimulants from the diet, such as too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, can also help greatly. Reducing stress, through relaxation and pursuit of enjoyable activities that allow for stress reduction, can help as well. Exercising to your tolerance level, can also help build up the adrenals and the body in general but exercise must not be overdone but increased gradually at a safe and helpful pace. Supplements that can also be very helpful, in building up adrenal function, include good multivitamins, the “B” vitamins (especially B-12), vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. You can also take short-term over-the-counter supplements to add to your vitamins, such as DHEA – which is another adrenal hormone that will convert into other needed hormones (including the sex ones), adrenal glandular – which is animal based adrenal extract containing adrenal gland tissue and licorice root extract, which helps the body produce higher levels of cortical. I would strongly caution however, that you take such supplements as recommended by the manufacturers of them, following all of their warnings and directions.
I experienced adrenal fatigue as previously mentioned and it became, more severe when I also experienced the onset of autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s) that caused me hypothyroidism. My adrenal fatigue over time and together with the thyroid disease caused me to also experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Even with thyroid medication treatment, I have had to work on my adrenals. Repeated tests I had done to check my adrenal hormone levels, revealed very low cortical levels for over a year period. In fact some of these readings were clinically low. I did however pass an ACTH Stimulation test, ruling out adrenal insufficiency. Even Medical Doctors looking at these test results, admitted that my cortical was very low but they would also tell me there was no treatment available for sub-clinically low adrenal gland function. I began using the treatments I listed earlier in this article and I began to see significant improvement, which I maintain to this day (as shown in my blood cortical levels). I now only take a good multi-vitamin, having weaned off the other adrenal supplements, plus I do take medication for hypothyroidism. I do resort to the adrenal supplements when the support is needed – when chronic fatigue and/or that stressed-out feeling returns.
I still have to be cautious because overwork, too much stress and inadequate rest/sleep, can result in setbacks for me. I don’t experience them as severely or nearly as often, as I did before understanding the cause and before implementing the lifestyle practices and treatments. I also believe my needing to take more care in this area, is due to the thyroid disease, which I also take treatment for – “Amour Thyroid” Natural hormone replacement medication. If you feel you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, talk to your Doctor about it. You might even consider seeing a Holistic MD, a Naturopath physician or an Osteopath Doctor, as these types of physicians, more often recognize this very real syndrome.


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