From My Book on Dangers of Sexual Deviance

depressed man{Following is an excerpt from my book regarding porn addiction, sexual exhibitionism and other forms of sexual deviance.}
I do not in any way excuse the deviant behaviors that are discussed in this book (published on Amazon), because they are obviously highly-immoral both spiritually and in the eyes of the law and rightfully judged as punishable offenses. I too have been guilty in some areas that are addressed but God ministered his deliverance to me. I feel that individuals who are guilty of them but who are sincerely reaching out for deliverance, redemption and healing, should have these very things ministered to them, if they have genuinely opened their hearts, minds and bodies to the counseling of forgiveness and healing. Only God can bring the supernatural deliverance that is sometimes needed but fellow Christians can be the avenues through which he can help the affected individual to sustain that healing and to receive ongoing support as it is needed. While some descriptions of the individual’s experiences within this book, will be given a degree of detail, in most cases, they will not be graphically-described and offensive language will be avoided whenever possible.
The subject-matter of “masturbation”, being a main aspect of the content, will be referred-to with other wording, such as “self-copulation”, so that the same word will not be used repeatedly, to the point of repetitiveness experienced by the reader, respectfully. This is not being done due to my thinking the term is dirty or improper but due to it being potentially tiring to see same-words of this type used over and again, can be tiresome to readers It is my sincere hope for those who do read the contents of this book by personal choice, that they will find it to be written within proper balance and with potentially important lessons to be learned, including things that can potentially affect the psychological-sexual development of children, especially those who may be suffering from emotional imbalances, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. What do I hope to gain the reader an understanding of by covering this subject? Well, I hope to convey the fact that people who suffer anxiety disorders, especially those that manifest with obsessive-compulsive aspects, are at a higher risk for developing associated sexual perversions, than are emotionally healthier individuals.
I also hope to show through covering this subject, that parents should closely monitor the activities of their children and to ask them frequently about what is happening in their lives and with their emotions. My personal belief is that early support for children who are found to be developing anxiety disorders, can potentially head off any harmful forms of escapism from their emotional imbalances that they may be tempted to indulge in sexually or otherwise. The increase in evil activities in the world, is becoming more evident with each passing day. The main character we see involved in evil that exists in the world, is Satan. He not only exercises his own influence upon mankind to commit all manner of evil against fellow mankind but his cohorts, consisting of other fallen angels, aid him in this wicked purpose (Ephesians Chapt. 6) . How can any rationally-thinking person not recognize evil for what it really is? It isn’t simply “undesirable social behavior” but it has a very obvious spiritual aspect/component to it.
If one was to name an ultimate evil act taking place in the world, “murder” would likely be at the top of the list. This would include killing others for selfish or ridiculous reasons. The murder of innocence and the undeserving (100% of murder is wrong), often leads to an escalation of killing, or what we refer to as “wars” (most wars become unavoidable). There are so many other injustices that fellow men and women perpetrate upon one another. The list is virtually endless, this includes things such as rape, child molestation, theft, adultery that leads to broken marriages and injured children, self-destructive practices (i.e. alcoholism and drug abuse), etc… . Mankind has an evil nature (Romans 3:10), however, he is also influenced by another spiritual evil we call “the Devil” and “Satan”. In actuality these are ‘names of summation’ because Satan actually has millions of demons, devils and evil spirits (among other names for them) that aid him in his influence on mankind. Deliverance only comes from knowing Jesus Christ in a personal way – as Lord and Savior, so that salvation/redemption occurs in the lives of men and women, who can then let that “new nature” (2 Corinthians 5:17), develop within them, including the “Fruits of The Holy Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23).


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