Tracking IP Addresses of Our PCs

Did you know that more internet users than at any time in past web history, know how to track your IP address (Internet Protocol – a unique set of numbers that ID your PC location) and that there are multiple ways they can do this? Some users of IP tracking can use your posts or your user ID image (your own bio-icon or personal photos of any kind), to do this. If you doubt me on this, simply use “Tracking Someone’s IP Address” as a search term, either on a search engine or on YouTube and you’ll see 100s of pages on how this is easily done. Some IP address trackers will zero-in on your very front door, using the highlight arrows that are on Google maps, etc…, and this means they will know exactly where you are. An IP is shown on all emails that are sent as well. A fellow internet user, may not do a detailed IP tracking for the purpose of actually finding you in person but rather out of curiosity for where you live (how lavish, poor, middle class, etc…) but it’s still kind of scary isn’t it?
I had one man tell me a few years ago, after calling me on the phone, seeking inventor assistance (he read an online article I posted about my invention marketing and licensing success), that he zoomed-in on where I lived, in my previous town — described it to me in detail and everything! I felt that this was invasion of privacy but I let it go. This is one of those areas in which we can see that the ‘www’, is both a blessing and a curse to technology, at the same time. Were hackers the first to discover how to do this? No, online law enforcement was the first to require the IP in the first place and to use it for tracking. The websites with lots of social activity, wanting to police the creation of multiple user-accounts for corrupt purposes, likely came second (some have grown too large for policing their own sites, without specific complaints being registered or they’re too lazy/cheap to hire sufficient staff for it).
Now, anyone can accomplish IP address tracking with the proper knowledge. YouTube videos that have been posted demonstrate how easy it actually is, to do this. I do not point out this information, to tempt anyone to obtain IP addresses — I am stating these things as a warning because it may be considered an illegal hacking practice, depending on the circumstances for why it is being done. I can say with absolute, 100% honesty, that I have never tracked an IP address for the sake of knowing where someone is located. An IP will show City and Country but not street addresses, unless the search is taken further by law enforcement or hackers…but matches can still be made, showing same IPs being used by different online IDs/people. The main reason an IP may be tracked by typical internet users, would be to see if there are multiple usernames that you already suspect are coming from a same user and because of either ‘writing style’ or ‘same cause’ for posts, being the tip off. For example, if users of a certain website, blog or forum, are trashing someone and the one being trashed, is highly suspicious, they might then resort to tracking the IP to see if matches come up, for different online IDs/usernames, with same IP addresses.
Maybe they will find that a user is two-faced or has multiple-personalities online (very common on social media). Or to their relief, they will find that their purposed friend is actually that, “a true friend”. To give an example, a friend of mine tracked the IP of a person on a social media reviews site on their own and they shared their results/findings on the notorious person. This person placed a lot of lowest ratings on my books that appear on a social media reviews site, which I never figured out the purpose of (but I have my strong suspicions). Could I give all of the investigative proof to online law enforcement of who the person is (i.e. The IC3), showing proof that they are notorious for doing the same to other authors and that they are practicing illegal defamation? Absolutely I could but I instead pray over these type situations as a Christian man and let God take care of it. He brings justice far better than I ever could and I have watched him do so unmistakably on several occasions. There are many reasons people will track an IP address, not to exclude, to see if their ‘significant other’, is carrying on romantic postings with someone else online.


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