When My Wife and I Experienced Angelic Visitation

angel statueI have no doubt this testimony will come across very strange to some who read it and others may even believe it is just sensationalism however, I have great respect for the things of God and in being very cautious not to include false testimony of any kind, in something I relate concerning these things. In 1983, my wife and I were married and our first home was provided by my employer, who ran a construction company, much of our work being installation of underground utilities, by use of backhoe and ditching equipment. My boss was a Christian, as were (and still are) my wife and I, and we faithfully attended a church where I was also appointed Youth Minister. During this time, I was lent a book by someone, on the subject of angels, by Reverend Kenneth E. Hagen. I‘ve read only a few things of his over the years – I respectfully have some disagreements in some areas of his teachings. I was intrigued by this book I borrowed with stories about how angels perform their ministry on behalf of God’s people, as messengers, and protectors. Hebrews 1:14, speaking of angels says “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” It states in Hebrews 13: 2 “be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”.
Reading all the stories about people being rescued from danger, being brought messages etc…, in this book by Kenneth Hagen, caused me to want to see angelic ministry in my life! The problem was, that as a new Christian, not mature or wise enough to know what I was doing, I began to speak words and pray in ways that would activate angels on my behalf and I did so with sincere faith and in Jesus’ name. Have you ever heard the saying “Be careful what you pray for, because you might just get it!”? Well, a few days into my endeavor to see angelic ministry, I began to experience something very unusual. For several nights in a row, at bedtime when trying to sleep, I experienced someone walking up to my bed, leaning over while placing their hand on me gently and trying to speak something into my ear! My wife was next to me in bed and we were the only two in the house! I could see this being from my side-vision but I could not bring myself to look directly at them. I would simply cover my head and shiver, wishing I had gone to sleep and that it was just a dream but each time, I knew I was fully awake and had not yet dozed off! I finally told my wife about it because I knew I was not imagining it.
What happened after these incidents, that profoundly affected us and that we will never forget as long as we live, was the night another attempt by this angel, to contact me happened again. This time, my wife and I were both awake and sitting up in bed! Again, we were the only two in the house with our doors locked and she was reading her Bible and I was reading a study book on Bible teaching. I know this is unusual and strange but God knows I’m telling it like it happened! The light was on and we heard very distinctly, someone walking down our hallway, toward our room. They sounded large and they continued to walk up to the edge of our room, within about 8 or 10 feet of us. At the same time, we felt this awesome presence that caused what I can only describe as a powerful flush type feeling to come over us. I fully expected to see someone standing there, just was hoping it was someone I knew! We were amazed afterward, when talking about it, that we both had this identical, powerful flushed-feeling and at the same time felt unable to move as if frozen for a few moments. I, the young spiritual giant (in my mind) wanting to experience angelic manifestations, did so but my reaction was unusual and somewhat humorous, once I was able to move. I grabbed my rifle and began to walk through the house, rebuking the unseen visitor, in the name of Jesus, knowing full well, that I was not going to find a natural person in the house!
We then threw on our cloths and rushed over to my employer’s house (immediately next door/across from us) and we began to tell our panicked story. Amazingly, my employer related that his wife had also been seeing angels! A few days later, an incident took place that in my belief, had something to do with these angelic experiences. My boss had put a box-blade onto a tractor and while backing the tractor up, he accidentally ran over his approximately 18 month old daughter, who had come out to see him; their house being only a few yards away from the equipment yard. I saw the big tractor wheel, run over the entire length of her body, including her head and I screamed out. He stopped, thinking he had hurt me and saw his daughter laying between the back and front tractor wheels, immediately knowing he had just run her over. He immediately grabbed her up because after asking me to pick her up and carry her to his vehicle, I refused saying I was afraid she had broken bones and internal injuries so he held her, while I drove to the emergency room. She had the look of death on her face and was not moving and hardly even whimpering. He asked me to pray with the Holy Spirit’s help, in faith that God would save her, so I began praying fervently.
As we took her into the hospital, I asked every person I saw, to pray for her. I continued to ask others I saw and people I phoned to also pray! As we prayed, the Doctors were examining her and stated they could feel protrusions from her sides that they were sure, were broken ribs. However, as they prepared her for x-rays (MRI), etc…, these protrusions began to disappear and minutes later they were gone! The doctors were amazed at this and also the fact that she had no internal injuries and only sustained bruises, some of which were in the pattern of the big tractor tire treads! Could it be that the angels were being seen/experienced by us were trying to get our attention and prevent this potentially tragic accident? I feel it is very possible that this is exactly the case! Regardless though, I learned a valuable lesson from these events. I learned that we should let God manifest these things, such as angelic ministries, in his way, in his wisdom and in his timing! I honestly believe we will sometimes experience things that are prayed for in faith, even though they are not in God’s perfect will for the situation and possibly we will experience them, to serve as a lesson-learned.
There are examples in the Bible of people who prayed and received things that were not in God’s perfect plan and it became evident later, that they should have waited for God’s wisdom and his will to be fulfilled. We do not need to see angelic ministry unless it is God’s will for our eyes to be opened to it for a purpose. We already know God is performing these things by his Spirit and by his angels and through the intercession of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. We know it by faith and should not ask to see “evidence”. Jesus said it is an evil generation that seeks after a sign (Matthew12:39). Our faith in God and in his work should be because of who he is and not because we want to see something supernatural to occur in our lives (apart from salvation by grace, through The Lord Jesus Christ). This is one man who has learned this lesson very well.

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