John Lennon Once Biggest Fan of Jesus Christ?

(My book at 11,082 words, “A Fan’s Tribute to the Beatles”, is not intended as a biography. This article is original and not part of the book.) I didn’t want to make the title of this article too lengthy but at the end of the title I did eventually choose, I would like to have added “…in His Words”, simply meaning that Mr. Lennon made many statements and these seemed to be stated by him according to the mood he was in and according to what was going on in his life at a given time. Christianity however, is a faith in Jesus Christ that in most cases is steadfast and unwavering by those who truly receive it and become grounded in their faith.

I read one man’s article in which he said Mr. Lennon was a compulsive liar. I rather believe however, that it was instead very specific things that he wavered on, one of them being religion and his personal faith or lack thereof. In short, I believe it was more of a confusion he experienced regarding Christian faith and there were many people he knew in his life who likely contributed to that confusion. In my book “A Fan’s Tribute to the Beatles” (approx. 11,082 words in length), I dedicate two chapters to John Lennon. In one of those chapters I ask the question “Was John Lennon a Religious Man?” Within the paragraphs in the book under this subject, I mention that Mr. Lennon was interviewed by a Canadian reporter in 1969, regarding his stance toward Christianity. This, in light of Mr. Lennon stating in 1966, that “The Beatles were bigger than Jesus at that time”, which caused a public uproar, especially in areas of the United States.

In the 1969 interview he gave to Canadian reporter Ken Semour, he apologizes for his remark made in comparing the band to Jesus. It was an apology he had already offered numerous times in 1966, when the scandal first arose but he also strongly claimed Christianity as his own faith. He actually states that he was a Christian but also that he was “Jesus Christ’s biggest fan”. He also said that he endeavored to “live according to the precepts and principles of Jesus” and it is in the man’s own voice from which these things were expressed! At the time I wrote on this subject in my book, only the transcript of that interview was available but the actual audio has since been released. Unfortunately, within a year of Mr. Lennon’s 1969 interview, in which he states that he strongly embraced Christianity, he then shows rejection for Christianity and all religions in his 1970 song titled “Imagine” (one of the most popular songs in pop/rock history).

Also in the early 70s, John recorded a song titled “God”, in which he states all of the things he no longer believes in, one of them being “Jesus”, which is a complete 180° turn-around from his earlier expressed stance of faith (“I’m Jesus Christ’s biggest fan”). What in the world made John change so quickly regarding his faith beliefs? Some say it was Yoko Ono, his wife who convinced him that Christianity and religions in general were restricting to one’s artistic life and self-philosophies and that this is why John gravitated toward a humanistic type religion (a “brotherhood of love” Vs. recognition of God). In the song “Imagine”, John not only states that religion should be rejected but that this would also result in all people “living life in peace” (as if true religious faith – Christianity, takes peace away from us). He then invites everyone to join him, even though “some may say he’s a dreamer” and that with his philosophy, “the world will live as one”.

In songs he recorded even later he again waffled, saying in one of them “God Help Me to Help Myself” and in another of his last recordings he says “God Bless our love….God bless our love”, referring to his and his wife Yoko’s relationship. Was John attempting at times in his earlier career, to become a messiah of sorts (i.e. “Power to the People”, “Give Peace a Chance”, etc…)? Was he allowing one person in his life, to totally control his life-philosophy and faith belief, which he found strength to resist at different periods during his marriage? This is one of those things that each person has to decide in their own hearts (at the risk of my sounding corny). I personally hope John had time before he passed from this world, to say a prayer to God, seeking re-dedication to the Christian faith, that he-himself stated was so very important to him in the late 1960s.

Only God knows the answer to what actually took place during John’s last moments before he died by assassination at the gun-wielding hands of the psychopath – Mark David Chapman.


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