Finding Lost Wallets of Strangers via Holy Spirit Gifts

I wrote a series of articles I will eventually post, about supernatural works of God I have seen or experienced in my lifetime as a Christian. I have experience supernatural leadings and moves of God and I want to relate one in this article.

I realize these type testimonies are often scoffed at but I also believe there are always those reading who receive inspiration and blessings from them. I cannot explain or understand why some believers in God and the Bible, often experience supernatural events apart from their salvation (the most important), while others don’t but I do know that God is sovereign and that he does not perform these type things because he loves or respects one of his children above another. Romans 2:11 says; “For there is no respect of persons with God” Some leadings God uses in my life have been in regard to very serious events that would take place involving family etc…, while others seemed less significant, at least in my mind they did.

Recently for example, I had a manager with the company I previously worked for, come by my home and before the meeting, I had the pre-knowledge that they were going to trip inside my home. While this seems kind of insignificant, it did take place and was of great embarrassment to this person. They in fact repeated how embarrassed they felt and it was obvious throughout the meeting that day. I could have easily just asked them to be careful walking through my living room but I was reluctant due to fear they would think I was being strange. Also, a few years ago from the time of this writing, this year being 2015.

I was on my job, driving in my car, when it occurred to me that I was going to find someone’s wallet, containing a large amount of money. As I’ve tried to describe in other articles on this subject I can only describe it as a very strong impression. Other times I actually hear gentle words spoken to me (a still small voice) but are not audible. They rather seem to come from the inside and are every bit as clear. This time, it was an impression that I firmly believe came from the Holy Spirit and I started praying on the spot and actually told God in prayer that when I found the wallet, it would be returned to the owner.

Within weeks of this event, I spotted a wallet lying on a city street, driving with my wife as a passenger and I turned around and went back to retrieve it. I could see the money inside and told my wife “there’s a huge amount of money in here”. I counted the money and amounted to $455.00 but there were also several credit cards and both the husband’s and wife’s social security cards inside the wallet. I contacted someone whose business card was in the wallet, and he offered to call the man whose wallet I had found. I asked them to have him meet me at the local police station the next morning (I took my dad with me) and to make sure and tell him the money and other contents were still intact. The young man, in his twenties, arrived at the police station, with a huge smile and was saying “Praise God” and “Thank you Jesus” as he approached me.

He also said his wife was completely distraught over him losing the wallet. I told him about the pre-knowledge from God that I would be finding it and returning it to him and he received a tremendous blessing from hearing this. He gave me a big hug with the huge smile still on his face and it stayed on his face as he waved leaving the police station parking lot. Just a coincidence some might say? Not in a million years. God still works and blesses people regardless of who believes or doesn’t believe.

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