My Original Reason for Doing Three DNA Ancestral Tests

I was far less interested in finding very distant relatives with the 3 DNA tests I took; more than 20 generations away in my family history, or in branched-off cousins with fractions of a percent of DNA in common with mine. In my case I had a story within my ancestral history, per two family tree books written by my PhD Medical Doctor – Cousin, who searched-out this information within the most reputable archive-records libraries in the nation of the USA. I wanted to see if the ethnicities and ancestral countries involved in this world-changing story, were genuinely true.

Let me confess that I’m lazy because I actually tested only for ethnic backgrounds I have, with no follow-up on family tree development. I do have 2 family books written in the early 1960s by a doctor-cousin (plus 2 co-researchers), who traveled to the top records libraries in the U.S… However, these go back regarding my family ancestry, only about as far as the 16th century (with exception of our “Lowrance – surname origin” – 3rd century). That’s similar in time-frame to what the DNA companies do.

The results I found from DNA testing, were confirmed as definitively as could possibly be, regarding the major ancestral story (e.g. surname origin and ancestral “French Huguenots”). I’m proud to have been able to do this confirmation by comparing 3 different ancestry tests I had done, to my family tree/history books that were began, starting with extensive research in 1960 (the book’s print dates came slightly later in the 1960s). Of course there were other surprises apart from this main story I was seeking to confirm, such as all 3 DNA tests showing me to have Asian ancestry, which likely points to Native American ancestry (according to new scientific genetics studies). Geneticists are actually involved in the Asian – Native American connection, with research being done currently. I will cover much more regarding my DNA ancestry in future articles.

I wrote a book after only 2 of the 3 DNA tests because I really had not decided to do a 3rd one. I did a 3rd test however so the book was a bit premature. I now have enough information to write a second short book (about eight to ten thousand words – similar in length to this one), which will discuss my DNA analysis which I have now had done through 4 companies that analyze human Genomes!


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