Glad to be Resuming My WordPress Site

121314_ Diff bio picI began posting here some months ago but afterward stopped and moved to other projects for a while. It is now December 2016 and I feel I have now determined the most suitable purpose for this website. I (James Lowrance) will use this venue to write mostly about Christian and Biblical subjects . My blog posts will occasionally feature written excerpts from the book-transcripts that audiobooks were produced from but mostly, articles will be original with no quotes from my other resources.

I cover many subjects on Bible teaching/theology and some on health (specific disorders and diseases). Many of those covered, are illnesses I experience myself. Many patients like to hear from others who have “been there“. In other words, folks who have experienced or are experiencing their same health problems. They relate via patient-to-patient quite well, rather than from doctor instruction alone (which is also very important).

I will also have some blogs on a few business subjects. These will be focused on the various aspects of publishing but also on the subject of “invention marketing and licensing“. I plan to make posts on these subjects as interesting as possible but they may appear as only one or two blog posts per day, so that I build this website in a quality fashion.

I have been writing online since year 2003 and I began publishing audiobooks in year 2008, so I have a fairly large size backlog of eBooks ( about 100 titles) that I also published as paperback books and eventually as audiobooks as well. Please keep checking back to the site because new blog posts will probably be waiting on you to hear and read!
HERE’S AN EXAMPLE of an audio message I will post on different subjects in articles:

God Bless,

James M. Lowrance


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